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2022 - 2023 Centennial Titans Basketball Booster Club Officers


Boys President - Calvin Watkins

Girls President - Clint Richardson

Boys VP - Chris Boley

Girls VP - Melanie Finnegan

Treasurer - Liat Marom

Secretary - Kristi Osborn

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Titan Basketball Program Mission Statement

A coach should focus on education first, and then focus on developing a student’s athletic abilities and making them positive role models, citizens, ladies, and gentlemen. The most important aspect a coach can do is aid in the total development of young men and women. Athletics is an extension of a student's classroom experience; the program develops the essential values that are of importance throughout life.

The qualities that we will stress as coaches are the ingredients we feel are necessary to be successful, not only in athletics but also in all aspects of life. These ingredients include: commitment, effort, dedication, self-discipline, the desire to excel, high expectations, and a refusal to give up or quit, regardless of the obstacles that are placed in one's path. As a coach once said, "The will to win is not as important as the willingness to prepare to win." We have adopted that philosophy in our coaching.

As we attempt to win games and become successful on the court, we should never lose sight of the important task we have in developing positive characteristics in our athletes.


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